About Us

Yeamans Park Presbyterian Church (USA) is a growing congregation located in the heart of Hanahan, South Carolina. We are excited about the work that God is doing to establish us in faith, strengthen our connections as a church family, and multiply our ministry in the Hanahan community and beyond.

Our Mission

The Mission of YPPC is to glorify God, grow disciples and meet human needs.

Our Vision

The Vision of YPPC is to be a diverse and open community of Christ’s disciples sharing the teachings of Jesus in all of life.

Our Values

The Values of YPPC are:

  • Being present before God
  • Welcoming everyone in the name of Christ
  • Praising God through inspirational worship and music
  • Educating all ages in the teachings of the Bible
  • Joining in prayer with one another to listen to the Holy Spirit
  • Spreading God’s Word and love with the greater community by sharing our time, fellowship, and resources