Jesus did not tell his friends they had to be “right” about social issues. He told them they had to love each other. Relationships are more important than issues. In the life of the church, the community, and the world, issues divide, relationships unify.

Dr. Chip SummersFormer YPPC Pastor
In the summer of 1952, the idea to plant a church in Hanahan began in the hearts and minds of the pastor and members of the now closed Park Circle Presbyterian Church in North Charleston.  For several years a growing congregation was served by student pastors and met at what is now the Fishburne Education Center.  The church was formally chartered on October 23, 1955 with 109 members from 45 families.
The first building was completed in 1956.  The “chapel” is now known as Memorial Hall.  With a rapidly growing congregation, an education building was added in 1956 and a fellowship hall in 1960.  A new sanctuary was built and dedicated in 1968.
In 1956 the congregation called Rev. Warren Wardlaw as its first installed pastor.  Since then the congregation has been pastored by Rev. Walter E. Hickman, Jr., Dr. James T. Frazier, Rev. C. O. Magee, Dr. William K. Neely, Dr. Cliff H. McLeod, Jr. and Rev. E. D. Clem.
Since 2013, YPPC has been served by two Stated Supply Pastors, Rev. Art Gatewood and Rev. Dr. William F. (Chip) Summers, Jr. Mary Robinson, Commissioned Lay Pastor, served as Interim.
In August 2021, the church called Rev. Mary Cameron Smith to be its full-time installed pastor. The church has been richly blessed for over 65 years with a faithful congregation who seek to live out their vision every day to be a diverse and open community of Christ’s disciples sharing the teachings of Jesus in all of life.

Our Mission

The Mission of YPPC is to glorify God, grow disciples and meet human

Our Vision

The Vision of YPPC is to be a diverse and open community of Christ’s
disciples sharing the teachings of Jesus in all of life.

Our Values

The Values of YPPC are:

  • Being present before God
  • Welcoming everyone in the name of Christ
  • Praising God through inspirational worship and music
  • Educating all ages in the teachings of the Bible
  • Joining in prayer with one another to listen to the Holy Spirit
  • Spreading God’s Word and love with the greater community by sharing our time, fellowship, and resources